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Three research direction of wire rope press machine

Three research direction of wire rope press machine 

Due to the use of wire rope press machine range is more and more big, on its performance requirements are also getting higher and higher. In order to better play the role of pressure machines, experts of its hydraulic system of in-depth study, the study found, the hydraulic system is one of the core part of the wire rope press machine, in the industry also gradually formed a three main research directions, below, Hong Yin introduce below Shao wire rope press machine hydraulic system of several research directions.

1, by optimizing the structure, so that the upper and lower beam section number increases, with welded I-shaped beam reinforcement for the beam structure. Liang Yue, section modulus is bigger, to the same steel can be made larger section modulus, so that the beam has greater flexural capacity.

2, the constant power system and differential circuit, improve the efficiency of the system. Considering the condition of pressure machines, idle time is short, load also have a transient rise, therefore constant power system most consistent with the condition. For large pressure machines, in order to reduce the auxiliary time, in addition to the constant power pump, the installation of a auxiliary pump, reduce no-load time, improve the speed, so as to greatly increase the machine's efficiency.

3, a reasonable choice of hydraulic system working pressure. For small tonnage pressure machines, for example, the following 600t, the maximum pressure 30MPa, nominal pressure is 25MPa. For large tonnage pressure machines, the maximum pressure should be 55MPa, rated pressure 48MPa. Such benefits can reduce the tank volume. Due to reduce the size of the cylinder, so that the upper and lower beam span is greatly shortened, improving the machine by force, make the machine more compact, but also makes the machine cost is greatly reduced.

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