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Three factors of affecting the wire rope press machine

Three factors of affecting the wire rope press machine

Wire rope press machine has the advantages of compact structure, stable operation, low noise, high efficiency characteristics, by using the free cutting plastic processing technology, the full flow in the mold cavity so that the soft metal without breaking strength of steel wire under lacing wire rope, wire, achieve the goal of forming friction between the steel wire.

But wire rope press machine suppression effect is multifaceted decision, we have a look together below:

1, wire rope press machine: essential oil pump oil pump role. Under normal circumstances, should meet the maximum pressing force can achieve the processing production demand. In addition, the sealing performance of the pump to the firm, not the occurrence of leakage problems.

2, motor: can effectively control the wire rope press machine in the upstream and downstream in the process of pressure effect, reasonable protection products are not produced in the wire rope in the course of processing overload.

3, mould: material should strictly abide by the relevant national standards, in the quenching microhardness shall meet the requirements of the national standard, so as to ensure the service life, avoid clamping is not fully and make the pressing rope releases hidden in the machining process.

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