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The domestic status of wire rope press machine

The domestic status of wire rope press machine

Pressure machines is also called wire rope press machine, is an international advanced a steel wire rope rigging processing equipment, to Hong Kong Yin as a representative of a group of wire rope press machine manufacturing enterprises through R & D, improvement, innovation, the successful implementation of the vigorous development of domestic wire rope press machine field.

Wire rope press machine by hydraulic pressure as power, compact structure, stable operation, low noise, high work efficiency. Wire rope press machine by using the free cutting plastic processing technology, so that the metal volume without breaking strength of metal caused by plastic transfer, thus achieve the goal of forming metal. At present, the main types of domestic production are: YS100 YS300 YS500 YS800 YS1000 YS1500 YS2000 YS3000 YS4000 and other types of.

Pressure machines are widely used in iron and steel, ports, transportation, construction and other industries, wire rope press machine pressing process made by slings, cold processing technology in the suppression of new applications on the rope sling, set operation pressed concluded high strength, pressing part has the advantages of beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance strong, wire rope saving, accurate length, advanced technology, high efficiency, low cost, safety load.

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