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Application of wire rope press machine

Application of wire rope press machine

Wire rope press machine is a kind of advanced processing equipment, wire rope pressing molding, widely used in the industrial area of china. With the development of economy, application market and the growing demand for wire rope press machine and the development of the industry as a whole in the continued to rise steadily.

First of all, as the processing equipment, wire rope press machine has the advantages of simple operation, accurate movement, high safety performance. Because uses the hydraulic pressure as the transmission mechanism, when the hands to send operation command into machine, hydraulic driven sliding rod to move, and when the sliding rod reaches the highest position, drives the sensor to automatically recover the initial state, to ensure the safety of the operators.

Second, the rapid transmission of wire rope press machine, gear control convenient, the working parts to the hydraulic quick function based, working parts after casting, and can quickly return. Therefore, it can greatly improve work efficiency and improve the rate of finished parts.

Third, wire rope press machine has the advantages of compact structure, low noise, environmental health, to ensure the working parts of the circulation speed, low noise, various components and template can be efficient and rapid operation. In addition, wire rope press machine can also achieve full mechanization operation. This offers the possibility of mass production, can let the owners better arrangement of process and the working time, to meet the needs of the production of industrial and mining enterprises and private units. 

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