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500T Wire Rope Pressing Machine


Name: 500T Wire Rope Pressing Machine

Range of Application: wire rope pressing


The cylinder is cast in one time using high quality low alloy steel with good liquidity.

High precision grinding is done to the cylinder and all the sealing parts.

Its upgrading operation interface is friendly. It has good self protectiveness and safety performance.

The mould is circular type, which is very convenient.

The pressing range of AOFA 500T wire rope pressing machine is 8-36mm. Its dead load is 3800KG.



Wire rope pressing machine is specially developed and designed for wire rope rigging. Its features are strong processing ability and rapid production speed. It is the necessary equipment for large scale industrial and mining enterprises and wire rope rigging production enterprises.

                                             Pressing Sling Head                                                                  Pressed Sling Head



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